Regional & Jordan Country Director

Muthanna Khriesat serves as the Regional and Jordan Country Director of Questscope.

In 1999, Muthanna joined Questscope as a volunteer and was exposed to a community of youth detached from society and in need of positive social change. Since then, he has dedicated his work to helping create social, educational, and entrepreneurial opportunities for marginalized youth.

He has held various positions for Questscope related to knowledge management and administrative leadership, including program director for mentoring disadvantaged youth, and more recently, Chief of Party for a USAID-funded alternative education program for out-of-school youth. His extensive experience and dedication to furthering positive change in the MENA region led to his appointment as Jordan country director in 2010, and Regional and Jordan Country Director in 2015.

Muthanna has responsibility for program design and institutional relationships with governmental agencies, including the Ministries of Education and Social Development and the Department of Public Security. He also oversees relations with UN agencies for initiatives with Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordan youth, including UNICEF, UNESCO, UNFPA, and UNODC.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Princess Sumaya University of Technology in Amman, Jordan. His interests are centered on adapting technology to advance social aims.

A Jordanian national, Muthanna resides in Amman with his wife and two sons.