The role of apprenticeship programs in the MENA region

The past 10 years in Jordan thousands of disadvantaged youth have been assisted to obtain basic education credentials to access accredited vocational training and improved employment opportunities.  The success of programs providing such assistance reaffirms that learning is central to human identity, and is essentially about social participation. Every youth is highly motivated in a social environment that respects their identity as learners and where they contribute to the learning process.

Apprenticeship/vocational skills programs are a critical means of tapping into this...MORE

A dimming light for Middle Eastern youth

In the side streets in cities and towns you find them – street lamps casting pools of light in the night on young men, sitting, standing, smoking. Perhaps there are more smartphones alongside the cigarette packs, but otherwise the scene has changed little in the 32 years I have been in the Middle East.

Some have been able to get off the street corner and can be found sitting in the Internet cafés staring at the bluish light of their monitor screens chatting through Facebook and Google.

Whether it’s light coming from outside on the street corner or in the cafes, two things...MORE


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