QS Minneapolis Update #3

Elbow grease. Grandma always said when something's hard to get done, use elbow grease. Press down. Scrub more. Give it more attention. Try harder.

In these days, it will take a lot of elbow grease for transformation. More of us know more of the things that must not stay the way they always were. Will we do the hard work that it takes for change?

Transformation will...MORE

QS Minneapolis Update #2

He was 20. A few years earlier, he had joined his buddies in a demonstration that turned violent when police suppressed the protest with weapons. He was apprehended, but because he was underage, he ended up in a correctional center for juvenile delinquents, instead of prison for adult offenders.

He expected the worst.


QS Minneapolis Update #1

The past 3 nights have been filled with explosions, flames shooting into the night sky, and sirens, sirens, sirens. My wife and I live just two blocks from Lake Street in Minneapolis where protests have been followed by fires, violence, and looting.

I watched the cellphone video of the death of George Floyd as passersby asked police to let the handcuffed man, held down on the asphalt with a knee on his neck, breathe. I could hardly breathe as I watched. That viral video of the incident sparked these nights of explosions, flames, and sirens.


Our COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has overturned our world, contorting our best efforts to adjust to this unpredictable threat.

These are not normal times. In fact, it is too early to know what the "new normal" could possibly be.

BUT, there are some expert teachers around us in these unnormal times. In Jordan, Syrian refugees have 8 years of the not-normal. Homes gone, friends lost, education evaporated. And Jordanian girls and boys who work for a couple of dollars a day, who go to bed hungry every night – never enough money or food.

They have taught us so much more than we ever could have...MORE

On the Road in Idlib, Syria

Should I stay under bombs? Or should I flee into the unknown?

3 million people in Idlib, Syria face this question today. Right now. Most are citizens caught up in a deadly contest for control of this ancient agricultural province — waiting out what the United Nations has called the last battle of the Syrian conflict. Intermittent cease-fires since September of 2018 gave some respite, but now fighting is escalating nightmarishly.

There aren’t enough doctors. There isn’t enough water. There aren’t enough...MORE

Redefining Food Aid in the 21st Century

Questscope was recently commended for being one of the top global organizations “redefining food aid in the 21st century” by Food Tank, a think-tank working for food system change.

An incredible recognition! Because our main focus is not food in emergencies – our main focus is always on people. But when people in emergencies need food, we move all kinds of things to get food to them.

Our strength is in relationships, in the trust we build. So when formal infrastructures crumble, like in...MORE

An Update from Damascus

When thousands of children and families finally left the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta after enduring years of conflict – we were there.

We met people malnourished from years of deprivation, children who lost their moms and dads, and thousands more with deep emotional and physical wounds.

Providing refuge to these disoriented and fearful families was our first priority. Our first response was to organize a large transition shelter to host more than 12,000 people.


Finding Refuge at Midnight

Last week – just after midnight – 1,500 people finally found refuge after surviving more than two years of siege. 

They traveled for days in crowded buses after they left their besieged villages. They survived a suicide bombing attack. And they arrived at our collective shelters in the middle of the night - women and children - physically and emotionally exhausted. They kept moving in hope they would find safety at the end of that journey.  

And when they arrived, our Syria team was there – ready and able to provide shelter and assistance.


A Report from Aleppo

The once-beautiful city of Aleppo has been host to some of the most violent clashes in Syria, with fighting in and around the city intensifying over the past week. Food and water are scarce. Missiles are falling on neighborhoods still full of families and children. And shelters are becoming oppressively crowded as more people are forced to move in search of safety.   

Our team is there with them. Through our network of partner organizations, we have hundreds of staff and volunteers in Aleppo.


A Major Milestone

We just celebrated a major milestone at our Youth Center in the Za’atari Refugee Camp: the official opening of our new sports field. It’s a rare patch of green in an oppressively brown and dusty refugee camp. Hundreds of youth now have a safe place to play and run around with their friends. 

This achievement alone is a big reason for us to celebrate. But the completion of the sports field means something even more significant: the Youth Center is now fully operational



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