It takes a mom

“How can you handle your mentoring work along with caring for your family in the camp?”

“These are also our kids—the kids who will build Syria in the future. So I care about them as I care for my own kids,” said Mariam.

Mariam is a mentoring coordinator for Questscope’s mentoring program in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp—a role that has made her a mother to many.  

Moms are the most powerful beings with the most difficult job ever. It takes tremendous strength to raise a child in normal conditions, but imagine trying to do so in the hard living conditions of...MORE

When a picture speaks a thousand words

When voices can't be heard, photography can cross all cultural and linguistic barriers, to tell a story and reflect the anguish buried inside the hearts and minds of Syrian war refugees, some of whom are traumatized beyond finding word to communicate.

A project called Photo Voice was implemented in a few of our Non-Formal Education centers to give children a chance, beyond words, to be understood.

Photo Voice is a kind of participatory action research that utilizes both images and group dialogue as a way to understand the experience of marginalized or disadvantaged...MORE