One2One Update

For the last four months, 61 mentors and students have been busy building trust with each other and participating in One2One's social and emotional learning curriculum. Week after week, mentors have flooded North View Junior High in Brooklyn Park, MN, and transformed our classrooms into an individualized learning experience for each student. During the program mentors help students develop their ability to regulate anger, problem-solve, manage their time, and build social skills.
The mentoring relationships are also having a significant impact on the mentors. One of our...MORE

A Story of Hope

Tucked away in a city of tents and caravans near Jordan's northern border, a group of Syrian refugees live within a dual reality.
On one hand, destruction and loss. War has resulted in an abrupt transition from 'have' to 'have not.' They came to Zaatari camp leaving everything behind. A harsh reality.
On the other hand, stability and hope. Connected with Questscope's mentoring program, funded by the European Union and coordinated by UNESCO, they rediscovered a purpose and found a voice again. A hopeful reality.
In December, as the Questscope team...MORE