2015: A Year in Review

2015 was a year of great challenges and great growth for Questscope. As the Syria Crisis grew in its destruction of lives, we grew in our ability to reach further into the desperate communities of people who have no one else. We've provided tens of thousands of families with food, shelter, water, and medicine. We've carved out spaces of hope and community in war zones and refugee camps. And we continue to design ourselves around meeting the need within every person for dignity, meaning, and a place to belong.

We're a stronger organization this year because of our tireless staff and volunteers, our determination to give second chances and better choices to marginalized youth and families, and dedicated supporters like you who make it possible for people to survive today and thrive tomorrow.

Thanks for being on our team this year. I'm looking forward to what we'll accomplish in 2016.

Happy New Year,

Curt Rhodes
Founder and International Director