A New Beginning to a New Story

A new chapter is getting ready to start in the story of those who have been waiting for light at the end of a dark tunnel, and new doors of hope are about to open for those who lost their keys.

Sixty new centers for Non-Formal Education are about to open their doors for more than 3000 children pushed on the edge of life by war and poverty. Who lost their right to sit and learn like children in normal circumstances should at their age.

Questscope and the Jordanian Ministry of Education have initiated a new level of strategic partnership  with this project, as an example of another successful episode in our series of cooperation for 15 years; this time with the support and involvement of UNICEF.

The project started 5 months ago, when we chose schools as our educational centers -  safe havens for children to learn. Teachers have been selected and trained by us to build their capacity to facilitate learning through our unique participatory learning approach. This approach was developed and honed over this 15-year period and has proven effective for more than ten thousand youth as they turn their lives around through what they learn and their positive relationships with teachers and peers as they learn.

In 11 of our 12 governorates in Jordan, and in more than 50 towns and villages, non-stop activity is going on with our Questscope team as we meet with children, their parents, and local community members.  Lots of recruiting activities are also going on to identify those children most in need of help, as we build up a strong base of relationships within the community.  Some of our centers have already started their classes; others can’t wait to finish their preparation so they can also get started.

AT the 6th month marker coming up, all 60 NFE centers should be teeming with activities with a couple thousand children, and more than 400 teachers are going to manage these hives of ever-busy little bees  who want to make up what they (almost) lost.

Maen Rayyan

Project Manager