Light on the Horizon

For many of the estimated 100,000 Jordanian youth who have dropped out of school, the choice to leave school was not much of a choice at all. Lack of support in the school led to underperformance led to a kind-of choice to leave. Outside school, more frustration and struggle to survive led to desperation - where to go, who to turn to? Once out of the "system," the doors slam on opportunities for better academic and professional futures.

For Syrian refugee youth in Jordan, there was even less of a choice. In fact, no choice at all. The war made their choice for them. More than 200,000 are out-of-school now in Jordan.

But for these young men and women, Questscope’s Non-Formal Education (NFE) Program is a light on the horizon.

Uniquely designed to fit each student’s needs, the NFE program equips youth with creative thinking skills and academic achievements to change the trajectory of their lives. Questscope coordinates with the Jordanian Ministry of Education to enable youth to achieve 10th grade certification - a goal previously out of reach. Jordanian and Syrian young people can now push open the doors to once-impossible educational and vocational opportunities. And this with the full support of teachers and volunteers in their communities.

 In 2014, more than 600 "learners" joined the thousands of youth who benefited from NFE in Jordan over the past decade.  

As the Syrian civil war persists with no end in sight, refugee and Jordanian youth alike continue to face the challenges of circumstances beyond their control. The light on the horizon seems distant. But by partnering with youth and communities through the NFE, Questscope helps these children take a step forward to a brighter tomorrow.

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