Mother's Day in Zaatari

Every year, Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the inspiration of women and the strength of family.

A celebration of family takes on different meaning for many refugees who have lost their mothers, or have had no option but to leave their families back in Syria. As Questscope staff gathered at Zaatari refugee camp to celebrate Mother’s Day, there was both joy and sadness as a group of Syrians reflected on family.

“Being a mother is the most important part about being a woman,” shared one of our Syrian mentors, herself a mother raising her family in Zaatari. “It’s all about sacrifice.” 

“Family provides love, emotion, understanding and hope for the future. All of these things can be found in one person—the mother.” 

Celebration may not always come easily, but there are still reasons to celebrate. In the unexpected setting of a refugee camp, ‘family’ takes on a new and hopeful meaning: 

“We are all one family together here, as brothers and sisters.”

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate family and the beauty of these women who choose strength and hope.

Join us in this celebration as we continue to build community and a family in the Middle East.