Refugees in Aqaba

Over 80 percent of Syrian refugees in Jordan live outside of an organized refugee camp. As the conflict continues, hundreds of thousands of youth face the challenges of a life displaced from home.

Reem is one of them.

She speaks of what life was like - about school, days at the park, and dreams of going to college. 

Syria’s war turned Reem’s life upside down. The safe haven of school was replaced with fear and rubble, and days spent at the park were now spent inside watching terrifying images on TV.

Reem’s only concern was to stay alive and escape, and her family sought safety in Jordan’s coastal city of Aqaba. Here, Reem explains that they escaped chaos only to enter a life of isolation.

At first, coming to Questscope’s informal education (IFE) center was simply an opportunity to leave her house. But it soon became a place of refuge and a reflection of the life Reem remembers in Syria.

Now her life is once again turning around, but this time for the better. There is a newfound light in her eyes as she talks about the opportunities she has to learn and make new friends.

“I have learned to cope here, and have overcome a feeling of isolation. I am now living in a different world, where I can dream again.”

-- Questscope's IFE program is a project funded by the European Union and coordinated by UNESCO.