Questscope began its work in Jordan, where it designed and implemented, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the first accredited non-formal education curriculum program of its kind in the Arab World. The program enables thousands of young men and women who had left school to continue their studies. In addition, Questscope developed one of the largest civic engagement programs in Jordan, training 4,000 student volunteers from Jordanian universities to mentor 6,000 young people at risk of juvenile delinquency. Questscope’s success in this area led to a joint initiative with the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development and the World Bank, expanding the Questscope mentoring model to every juvenile center in the country.

In 2013, Questscope adapted its mentoring program to the particular circumstances of young people displaced by war and violence in the Za’atari Refugee Camp. Questscope launched a Youth Center that has reached more than 3,000 young people in the camp, completely led and directed by a core team of 40 visionary Syrian volunteers. 

Since its founding Questscope has implemented successful mentoring, education, and emergency aid initiatives for hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged youth, in partnership with USAID, UNICEF, UNFPA, the European Union, the World Bank and others. Questscope has created programs in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Northern Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Mauritania, Sudan, and Germany.

Pro-Social Approach

By facilitating the collaboration between individuals, communities, local and national organizations, and policy makers, Questscope has helped create innovative programs that provide second-chance alternatives for refugees, school drop-outs, working kids, juvenile offenders and low-income young women.  

Program Excellence

Questscope has developed highly participatory methodologies on the ground in the Middle East. To make a difference from the bottom up, Questscope provides access to alternative education, encouragement through mentoring, opportunities for vocational training, access to emergency aid, works together with community partners, advocates for restorative justice, and fosters spiritual formation. Each methodology is rigorously evaluated to learn how to continually improve the ongoing impact.


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